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The Gee Pee's

1968 World Tour

After the unheralded success of the smash hit “Baby I don’t want to dance alone” in their home town of Tel Aviv, It was inevitable that a world tour was next. The inaugural tour of 1968 was one to remember. Legend has it that the hit single was playing in the background on Nov, 22 1968 during an episode of TV’s original “Star Trek” entitled “Plato’s Stepchildren,” airing American television’s first interracial kiss! Go back in time to this iconic era with the ’68 tour merch.

1971 World Tour

The year was 1971. The first Walt Disney World Theme Park is opened in Florida. The Soviet Union launches the first space station, Salyut 1, into a low Earth orbit. That was all tabloid news compared to the earth shattering chaos caused by the Gee Pee’s world tour. From Paris to Tel Aviv and around the globe to Seattle and New York, the 1971 tour will be remembered as one of the most iconic eras in music history, changing the way we look at soul funk to this day. Relive the tour with the official merch. Available now for the first time ever since 1971.

1976 European Tour