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Going Places Fass Merch Tee


179.90 ILS

If you haven’t heard the name Fass yet, it’s time to get acquainted with this musical powerhouse hailing from the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv. A dynamic artist who seamlessly wears the hats of both rapper and producer, Fass has been making waves that are impossible to ignore. Fresh off the creative oven are not one, but two sizzling projects that have the city buzzing. The intriguingly titled “Spin to the Face” and the audaciously named “Big Wheels” have dropped, and they’re causing quite the stir. Fass isn’t content with the status quo; he’s here to smash genre boundaries and redefine what you thought you knew about hip-hop. But that’s not all, buckle up, because Fass is on a sonic adventure with every project he touches. He’s not afraid to break the mold and dive headfirst into uncharted territories of sound. It’s like he’s sculpting a new auditory experience with every release, leaving us all eagerly wondering, “What’s next?”

Color: Cream / Multi
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