The 40th anniversary of Nike’s iconic Air Force 1 inspired Sneakerbox to team up with AaLibrary for a pop up store centered around the ‘white canvas’ concept.BLANC pop-up celebrated the iconic Air Force 1 shoe, which has been missing from shelves around the world for a long time. As part of the event, Sneakerbox offered a limited edition white basketball shorts and branded t-shirts.

The concept store was housed in an industrial warehouse located in southern Tel Aviv. Inspired by the cultural impact of the Air Force 1, the space design drew inspiration from basketball, hip-hop, and street style. A basketball court marking was painted on the floor, and an installation made of white basketballs replaced the court center circle presenting the iconic shoes.

An exclusive textile dyeing workshop was held during the first evening of the pop up for influencers with a passion for arts, design, and sneakers. The participants had the option of choosing from a variety of items (shoes, pants, or shirts) for self-customization. The final creations were presented in the store the next day for inspiration.

The last day ended with an intimate performance by rapper Shay/Anti, DJ Mayor, and a surprise guest Fass.